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I have been on pub crawls before and have been paying 15 or 20 eur to only participate and get a couple of "free drinks" (because of course free is marketing, in fact you pay for it). Usually I did not like the drinks they were offering and they were of poor quaility (my head in the morning,..!). Those tours do not interest me so I decided to make my own Pub Crawl where the assumed objectives are:

- get people together

- have a hell of a night,

- discover what Brussels nightlife has to offer

- keep the crowd off tourist traps

- have fun myself

- show you what a Belgian beer tastes like and tell you more about it

- getting drinks cheaper since we will get to bars as a group

- drinking what and if you like, FULL FLEXIBILITY, no drinks are included.

- and finally NOT RIPPING you OFF! - my pub crawl costs only 5 eur -

If your vision of Pub Crawling is the same, then join us tonight on the GrandPlace of Brussels in front of the tower at 9PM. You wont regret it!

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